How To Move A Piano

One of the most priceless furniture in your home is a piano. Your piano has always been a pride for you since you were a child and you love playing it even today. Now that you have located to a larger new home, you have to understand the basic finesse in How To Move A Piano without damaging it. If you remove this beautiful vintage music piece using a wrong method, you may destroy it. Most people would advise you to use a professional moving service when you want to move it to your new home. But you want to move it by yourself and this can be done if a proper method and equipments are used to remove it.  Do make arrangements of taking the help of a few people when removing your piano to its new destination.

How To Move A PianoImportant rules to remove your piano on your own

Renting the accurate equipments to move your piano

When you have planned to remove our favorite piano on your own, invest in a few equipments that would help you to move the piano with ease. One such equipment is straps that would give you a better hold on your piano when removing it correctly. These straps can be bought or rented for a day from specific renting stores. Other important equipment would be a furniture dolly. This dolly would help you to move the piano and out it in the truck. The straps could be used to secure the piano when it is being moved. If you are not very clear speak to a moving supply company and they would help you with the accurate equipments needed for moving your piano. Lastly, your piano needs to be protected from any scratch that might occur during shifting. Thus you have to use purchase padded blankets and cover the piano when shifting it. If you have any old blankets you can use them also and save money.

Locking the lid of your piano’s keyboard

One of the essential steps that you need to observe when learning How To Move A Piano, is locking the keyboard during piano shifting. The keys of your piano are fragile and can be destroyed during shifting. Thus lock the lid of the keyboard or cover it tightly with a blanket to protect the keyboard. It would be a wise decision to not to use tape. This would destroy or scratch the paint of the wood area and give it a bad look.

Cover the piano with a blanket

When moving the piano it becomes essential that you cover it with padded blanket or old used blanket from your home. Take care to secure the piano especially in the corners with a good quality tape. Do not paste the tape on the surface of the piano. The wooden polish would get removed.

The correct method to lift the piano when transporting it

Remember the simple rule that when lifting a piano to a furniture dolly or inside the truck; do not lift it up using the legs of the piano. The legs of a piano are very vulnerable and keep the piano in upright standing position. Also do not position the piano in a side position and remove it. This would affect the inner mechanism of the piano. The best method would be to have four people holding the four ends of the piano and then move it by lifting it together. Use the furniture dolly to lift it and move into the inside of its transporting truck.

Placing the piano in the truck

When transporting the piano in the truck place in facing the back wall of the truck. This is the wall that separates the storage space from the front portion of the truck. Many experts in piano transportation are of the opinion that a wooden plank should be placed on the floor of the truck. This will add comfort to the piano’s leg in case the surface is not same.

Positioning the piano in your new home

This is the final stage in how to move a piano into your new home. Before lowering the piano, plan the location where you want to position the piano. Then move out the piano and store at your specified place.

Before you use your piano in your new home, tune it again. This would help you to play your piano and enjoy it for the next few years.